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The Dream:

To bring brilliant minds from every nation together and solve the worlds problems, one positive pebble at a time. It will be WE THE PEOPLE of the world that bring about true change peace and love to all. Governments solve no problems! If the intent was to do so, it would be done. Wars,starvation,sickness,oppression,financial slavery,death and destruction is what governments do best. With all the military might of every nation governments use their power to destroy nations. My question is why not use that might to bring to the hungry food,shelter the homeless,heal the sick and so on? True representation of truth freedom and justice comes from WE THE PEOPLE! and has never came from slick talking politicians that will say what ever they have to , to get elected and then regulate away your freedom. There is no reason for a starving baby existing in our world of today! But yet it goes on. There is no reason for wars and sickness yet it continues. We must stop feeding the beast that is eating humanity alive! WE THE PEOPLE of all nations have the power to bring about a literal heaven on earth. You as an individual have more power than you can possibly imagine. You have the power of the spoken word, you have the power of the pen, you have the power of your actions and most of all you have the power of LOVE! It is time to use this power to make our world a better place. We are the founding fathers,mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews and cousins of our children and our children's children future! into the future and beyond what we do today will define the world that they live in tomorrow.  Let us from every nation come together and make  that future a great one.!  

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